About a Girl

February 3, 2013
Don't listen to those fools,girl.
They don't know what they're talking about.
You say I'm immature?
How can you be so sure when you barely know me?
If you knew me a little longer you'd realize I'm as honest as can be. So don't listen to them fools,girl.
They got nothin' on us. They claim that it's just a
sisterhood,but who are you gonna trust? As long as we're together girl,nothing can touch us.
We're in our own safe little bubble of happiness that
will never be popped open as long as we believe. Oh,what wonders we could achieve! But girl,you need to promise me one thing. You need to stand by me. I know I'm a bitter scrooge that has seen better days. But don't you realize that you hold the key? Indeed,you're my salvation,you're everything I want in a woman. You are the key to my survival when it's all said and done. I need you. I will always need you. So don't turn away. I know I'm quite the fright to look at,but don't go away. I don't like saying this to people often but I love you.I hope you feel the same way too,because I'm just a miserable old fool like Scrooge himself. I think I need to get help for this because nothing's working. Everywhere I go I share this problem and it is to their mocking. I can't stand the pain anymore. Please,won't you write me back or will I be lonely forevermore? Of course I could take the easy way,but my dear, I cannot get over my infatuation with you. You and I share a complicated relationship,but there's nothing I won't do to try to make it easier for you. Yes,I have my limits, but I wish I could stone myself to death for not being able to provide you with certain things. I love you girl,but you break my heart. I want to provide for you but I can't and my heart stings. In fact,every part of me stings,including the tears on my face. Please don't grimace when you see this letter, because I'd like to make you feel better about yourself knowing that there is a soul who cares, though I wish she could be perfect and grant you everything.



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