February 3, 2013
By rachelcritic SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
rachelcritic SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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"Don't ever tell anyone anything.If you do, you start missing everybody- Catcher in the Rye

High school is full of lies.
Broken dreams and promises unfulfilled
I see with my own eyes.
So much time,so much time
is wasted away.
Time that could've been spent keeping the wolf at bay.
All of what we are learning is meaningless junk,
the feeling is about as inviting as being in the presence of a skunk.
It's something people avoid all the time,
claiming they're far too clever for it,
but their parents are abhorred when they drop out and don't pursue a profession. It is my confession that this is true for me too, but the difference is that I actually intend to get more schooling,even if I'm down to my last knee. Oh,can't somebody please help me?I just need another chance. So if you'll save the last dance for me I would be ever so grateful and I would be very careful in picking out a school because only the cool people get a high school diploma.

The author's comments:
High school may suck,but it's a necessary rite of passage. Even if you're bipolar like me,it doesn't excuse you from not going to high school. Because if you don't have a high school diploma,you will be in trouble in the job market because the high school diploma is the start to getting a job or going to college if you prefer( probably the better route). And I'm writing this for the people out there like me who have had mental difficulties like bipolar,social anxiety disorders,etc. I'm writing this for them so that they can see that I'm like them,and I haven't given up on that high school diploma and they shouldn't either. There are after all,different ways in meeting the requirements to get a high school diploma. You don't have to go the traditional( and very stressful) route of going inside a building with god knows how many kids trying to wrestle their way through to get to class. Because I have my own way of getting a diploma and it certainly doesn't involve all that.

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