Now I Know That

February 2, 2013
What if I could go back
to the way we were before?
That question again
I can’t take this anymore.

They say it will get better
but I really don’t know how,
I don’t see how anyone else
could feel the way I do right now.

Whenever someone asks
“How you doin? You OK?”
I say, “Yeah, sure. I’m fine.”
I mean come one, what do you want me to say?

I think about him sometimes
at least once every day,
I don’t know what I did;
why couldn’t I make him stay?

When we first started taking
walks out ‘round the lake,
I wish I would’ve know then
that you were only a mistake.

I remember when you asked
if it was gonna be me and you,
I was scared to death
it was all so brand new.

You surprised me with a hug
before you rode off that night,
but I didn’t know that to be in love
you had to put up a fight.

Don’t know where I went wrong
or how I couldn’t see,
that lucky stars or not
you were not the one for me.

How can I got on
when my heart’s been broken,
thinking of all the words
that were left unspoken.

My thoughts been wandrin’
don’t know where my mind’s at,
but it should’na been you that broke my heart
now I know that.

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