February 2, 2013
Why don't they like me?
Am I not enjoyable?
Am I not friendly enough?
Nice enough?
Pretty enough?
Funny enough?
Did I say something?
Something to hurt them?
Anger them?
Upset them?
Annoy them?
Why do they glare at me?
When I pass them in the halls?
When I enter the classroom?
When I ask a question?
Why don't they like me?
What have I done?
I have done nothing.
I didn't upset them.
I did not hurt them.
They do not know me.
Because they haven't taken the time to.
I am simply me.
There will be people who don't like me.
Some for reasons better than others
But I cannot change that.
I cannot change opinions.
Opinions about me.
About anything.
They don't like me?
Let them.
They say I "annoy" them?
Then it is so.
But their way of thinking,
does not effect mine.
I can hold my head high.
And keep walking.
I'll walk in the other direction.
The direction that leads to me.
My future.
My destiny.

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