Just Fly

February 1, 2013
By ksmiley8100 SILVER, Cashmere, Washington
ksmiley8100 SILVER, Cashmere, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Never let your fears decide your fate."

You used to float along in the breeze
Darling, you used to be free
What happened to the smile on your face?
You’ve drifted off into a dark dream
Has the wind gotten to you?
Is it chilling your bones?
It seems as if you’ve lost your way from home

The sky suits you better than the ground
Your smile is fading
Your song isn’t making a sound
But this love you’ve lost is floating in the air
Don’t act like you don’t care
You know you belong somewhere else
You know you belong in the clouds

Don’t look down that road
Look in the direction that the wind blows
Can you hear it calling you?
Did you know it’s following you?
Guiding you towards your own divine plan
You can’t see it, but trust me
You’re going to make it to the moon

Jump off of the earth and glide
Dance around the edges of the sky
The gusts of wind will help you
They will lead you in the right direction
Let them take you high
To a place where your hopes will never die
Just fly

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for a really close friend of mine who is having a hard time. I want her and others to be inspired to accept what happens to you and move on.

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