January 30, 2013
The sight of you makes me shiver
my heart has run cold, but the air is still blistering.
Being inside, the walls close in,
there’s nowhere to turn, nowhere to run.
I look at more pictures of you, and again
the sight of you makes me shiver.
You left so early, but had nowhere to rush too.
Although you may be taking steps to your next life
don’t forget the life you have already lived.
The life that brought me here.
I touch the clothes you once wore,
some I wear now.
I feel every stitch every seam,
and they seem to tell me stories of you traveling in them.
The phone calls we had, I will now miss.
The warmth of your tight hugs,
And the lust of your everlasting cheek kiss.
I touch my hair and think,
and then that’s when my heart starts to sink.
Why didn’t I call you more,
and develop a stronger relationship.
My heart is going sore
and I can’t take it anymore.
Again I’m saying I love you,
and hopefully we will meet again.
But that may be far from now,
so do me a favor and look down.
There’s so many young, and some growing old,
but don’t forget to look down.
Watch me and support me,
but never stop being there.
And keep looking down.
I will always think of you,
but don’t forget to wait,
because when my time comes
Ill see you at the golden gate.

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