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January 23, 2013
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Like steps

like skipping stones

Stepped on
And Stamped on

The stampede
Has my stamp on

I led you here
Hurt you here
And wondered
You were no longer there

I asked you
To ask yourself
If you wanted this
But I wanted you to want to
I wanted you to want two

Wishing on rainbows
And pot bellied
Gold basins
Crafted by a god
That I do not know
Thinking I am god
Do I not know

That I am like a dog
When I eat and drink and sleep
And slyly say things without meaning
And have a mind but am not mindful
Don't I care that I do not care
That wind makes things move
And if I am not moved
I cannot move you

I am not
So humble
Or kind
Or correct
Or strong

I am just trying
and that is all I can do

Just typing
About all the things I should do

Head spinning
And eyes growing heavy
Seeing double
Lillies in the breeze
I remember
Yes I remember
When it was all a breeze

Summer fades and snow falls
Through the cracks you see I am cracked
As tears fall as I stand
Against you

Fighting you
When I should be
Fighting for you

Killing my own Prince
Slaying my own General
Hurting the one who would never hurt me
If I would not be hurt myself

So goodbye little world
And little people
See you when I see you
And not just your bodies and shells and fake flaking fires

This is what it isn't
And its all nothing but everything
And this means a little less than it means
And speaks for more than is spoken for

And the veil lifts
A little bit
Every day
The veil
And slides away

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