To The Prom?

January 23, 2013
You look at me like I’m crazy
As if I had three heads
You think that I am lazy
That I lay in others’ beds

I think you’re smarter
Than the valedictorian
And you’re attractive
Elegant like a Victorian

They all look down on me
Including you,
But I pray to the powers that be
That will soon be untrue

So I was wondering
If you would possibly
Ever even considering
Going to the prom with me

We’ve known each other for years,
And no matter how hard I try
I can’t keep back the tears
Because when I think of you I cry

You’ve become my most vibrant dream
But it would never be reality
Your smile makes my dark day gleam
But you never smile at me

I liked you back in third grade
It’s grown to love since then
I’m sorry for the decisions I’ve made
And for what a jerk I’ve been

I like to bully you
So my true feelings don’t show
I’ll go to prom so long as you do
And maybe our relationship can grow

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