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By the tall oak tree
A little girl sat
With her hair flowing in the air
Like an endless river.
She gazed up at the sun
and wondered what it would be like to fly.

As she watched birds fly,
a leaf fell from the tree
and was carried to the sun.
It landed on the ground and sat
until the wind ran like the river
and took it into the air.

It too flew away in the air
When she heard something buzz by her ear, a fly!
She watched it head towards the river,
Leaving the oak tree
Where she thought and sat
Protected from the rays of the sun.

The light from the sun
Began to fade, leaving cold air.
Still the little girl sat
Thinking about how she could fly
Away from her tree
And over the river.

The sound of the flowing river
And the sight of the darkening sun
Made her yawn and lean against her tree
With the coolness of the air
Making her think of that fly
Who’d flown to the river and sat.

Her eyes blinked and she sat
Gazing at the black river.
Would she ever fly
Besides the blazing sun?
Could she lay in the air
And be rid from this tree?

She looked up and sat, watching the rising sun.
Its light sparkled off of the river and a faint rainbow appeared in the air.
Again she wondered if she would fly and get away from her dead tree.

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