Happy Seventeen!

February 1, 2013
By , Gradiska, LA
With those rhymes
I wish you the best
This is your day
And you can't be distressed

You're getting older
and today you're seventeen
But if you want a relief
You act like you're thirteen

The time is passing through us
One day we'll be apart
But promise you'll remember us
and keep us in your heart

I am really blessed
To have you by my side
'Cuz you, you're the best
That ever came to my life

I can't without you
I can't without our blames
One day I'll remember them
With a smile on my face

When I first met you
We played outside
I still remember. I was a child

In those days
I had no clue
That when I grow up
My best friend will be you

Ten years passed
From those child days
And today, my best
I love you in a million ways

I love you like my sister
'Cuz you're more than a friend
A sister is forever
So my love has no end

I know you love me too
I know you feel the same
I know that in your heart
Somewhere is written my name

So, happy birthday my dear
May God bless you
and just to make something clear...
I will always love you!

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