Be True, Be You

January 30, 2013
Eyes glistening
Our tears fall
Not out of fearfulness, but
From the shear amazement of it all

The acceptance
The community
The happiness
The unity

Everybody's smiling
They have found their home
A place they may be themselves
And not be shunned or alone

But then there's you
Standing on the outside
Trying to ruin our happiness
Thinking up ways to "cure" us

How can you not see it?
Why do you not believe?
Believe we are being true
True to ourselves
True to God
Not true to you

We have invited you in
Warmly welcomed you
But you turn away in disgust
Saying, "I will not support what you do!"

Guess what?
This wasn't a choice
Why would we choose
A life in which
People try to take away our voice?

We will keep fighting back
Despite all the fear
And guess what else?
Our truth will always be here

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