Gospel Versus Theater

January 30, 2013
I admire the character...
When you feel the passion,
Of being able to run out there and be...
Somebody else...
Sing-Song was and is my life.
But comparing it to a chair with a big screen?
When I walk across the street,
Church bells ring an ring until my ears pulsate,
I was here first, this was home.
This concert, it made me cry,
The very choir I left,
Let me stay on stage.
It was never about God,
I love the singing
The clapping
That feeling of knowing everyone's your friend,
And you could be yourself...
We we're all together one, two, three.
But with the actors the...
"Good kids"
"Musically inclined kids"
"Professional kids"
Each vibration in my throat is a competition,
It never end from here to there.
No role, no character, no pretending,
Could send me tears like the gospel choir.
One rhythm, simple lyrics,
And a little bit of happiness.

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