Tunnels and Tunnels of Life: A Fight for Light

January 29, 2013
There’s light at the end of the tunnel
This is my first time seeing it
Thinking about it, I have never imagined that there would be a time of complete and utter darkness
But… times changed
There was a time when I felt nothing but an overwhelming sense of emptiness
A sense of soullessness
Usually I saw the world full of colors
Not bright
Not dark
Just colors
But like I said before times, they changed
And I began to see the darkness as it crept and started its reign over my life
I thought I was in a black hole, no way out, no way in, it just surrounded me, enveloped me, in its being
I welcomed it for what it was instead of fighting it for what it wasn’t
But once again times changed
I realized the error of my ways and I recognized the pain that was still hiding deep inside of me
Sooner or later I wouldn’t have been able to see anything not even the blackness
I decided at that time of that the only way out was through
So here I am walking through the darkness with bone-stricken fear wrapped around every inch of my body
I’m looking forward to the light I can see at the end of this ominous tunnel

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