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January 28, 2013
By migwam ELITE, Tumwater, Washington
migwam ELITE, Tumwater, Washington
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"Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present." --Marcus Aurelius

look at you there lining up
pressing against the warm air around you
all your fading scars and stars amount to nothing
in the end, my friend
those leaves will fall,
I promise you,
People passing by your life
leave with razors in their backs insisting
that you’re just a victim of circumstance.
You told them pretty things and you called them
pretty things but
in the end, my friend
that tongue will only get you so far.
greengirl I’ve seen you
and I’ve been you for so long
for all you rights, wrongs and goodnights
and I told you that grace had a limit
didn’t I?
greengirl don’t you look lovely don’t you look
for a body is a body and a body
is a hungry hungry thing
yes, greengirl, that’s you in the mirror
with the tooth and blood and bone
I know your wanting
I feel I in my skin deep down
feel it in my fingers late at night
pressed to the bone
and shaking let it take its toll
we all pay for pleasure in the end
but sense seems to be
free and hard to come by
just like you,
graceless greengirl
so in love and out of touch
with yourself; they’ll tell you to shape up
but the only shape you have is the shapes you take
for them-

greengirl don’t let them shape your substance

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