Lost Somewhere

January 28, 2013
driven by the hands of time
to go somewhere unexpected,
where words aren’t spoken just to steal trust,
where I’m able to run away,
no, fly-
soar- away
with only my words as my guide,
and where I don’t have to dream about being someone else,
because I am that person now.
where a “now”
is all there really is-
I don’t see,
or feel,
and won’t let myself think about what’s gone-
because it is exactly that- done.
I want to go somewhere
where I’m not pining about the future
because whatever happens,
happens on its own.
I decide to let control go
of what can’t be restrained-
couldn’t be anymore,
and that includes me.
somewhere I do only what I know I can,
am the person I’ve always been,
and the rest of the people
can be themselves too,
where we’re alone, but finally,

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