Conversation with the end of the world

January 23, 2013
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Conversation with the end of the world
It was only yesterday
Far from heart
Far from home
Beneath draperies
Of skin and bone
With the end of the world
And all that exists
Is a cold rain stroll
I tastes of copper
Spend like a viper
And wish my mouth
Sounded nothing
But pennies and jazz

I have no intention of getting there yet

So I mind and mingle
With a lean and a personal
And stand out in leather and plaid
And know
Whatever the reason will be
There's no use to feel
Like a man sick with 'had'
Over drinks
And conversation with these mad days
These questions are my own
And my bones my home
And even in company
And even alone
My answers and my stroll
Collect control
Over nothing scribed to stone
So tonight
Far with heart
In new nest
The drapes unveil
What was never
How you wanted them to see you
Never how you wanted to sound
You just fell in with them somehow

So you walk with a look
And relax
Push your cheeks together
In hopes to seem older
But she told you
At the table at home
The only questions
The only answers
That truly resonate
Are our own

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CariePierce said...
Feb. 1, 2013 at 10:15 am
I am completely, totally, and obsessively in love with your writing. I see your mind in this poem, and it felt so natural with flow of thoughts, yet it was so well structured...! Description is the one thing I always look for in a poem, and you delivered! I look forward to your future work! When you get published, I'll be the first to buy.
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