The Arrow

January 22, 2013
An arrow has hit my heart,blood is coming out
But this arrow will inevitably mean my death
For I will never feel her breath on me
I'm inadaquate, I cannot give it to her and that is it.
She will want to quit being with me and
find others to see. My dear reader,don't you see?
I fall in love with them and then I have to go and let them be. What is wrong with me!?? Have I sinned,for most things usually go according to plan. But here I have no control and no matter how much I love her
they say I should marry a man. How can I? I have no
other alibi than how can I? I've never looked upon them with much interest. Why should I have to explain this?If I date even one,it would lead me to the abyss where I won't belong. But I am a foul creature for not pleasing her parents and causing all this nonsense.

I've tried walking,my moves are getting tense.
More and more blood drips out from the arrow that struck my heart.I'm afraid I must part ways with my love,her arrow stings my heart too much. So I shall be apart of the dead,the heartless,and such. For a wonderful thing it is to not love. Soon,I will be sent up above,and I shall not stench this place of my wickedness anymore.

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