The Truth From You

January 22, 2013
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Can you tell me what happened?
I’d like to know the truth
even if it breaks my heart again.
You killed me once
what’s another round to you?
Should it even matter
if I know the truth,
it’s not like I mean anything to you.
Nothing was wrong
then suddenly you were gone.
Was there someone else
or did I come on too strong?
Was there a breach,
because now you’re so hard to reach?
I pick the phone up every day,
but I put it down and look away.
I wouldn’t know what to say
You wouldn’t answer anyway.
And I don’t care if you said goodbye,
I'll still try.
I think that I deserve to know the truth
if nothing else,
so please do tell.
Don’t worry about me afterwards,
I’ll be a wreck
and it’s all your fault
but please don’t call.
You'll break down my resolve
There’s nothing I can do
to stop you
from breaking down my walls,
you have my heart and all.
So please just tell me why
and let me go.

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