January 27, 2013
By Anonymous

From our mother's womb, we begin life. A new soul walks upon a land so distorted by the last. We grow and we learn. From our mistakes we open a new gateway to life. From failures we create masterpieces. Our lives riddled with wisdom and thoughts. A stirring emotion draws us in, With a thought from our excited mind , we throw our selves to our knees to praise the one above, or into books to find our origin, All of which we've learned in one life or another.What is false! and what is true! The difference between Life and death! Chaos and peace! Redemption and sin! Greed and Generosity. Blood and water. Dirt and skin! Tongue and action. Love and hate! Steel and flesh! Planted in our mind slike a seed, that grows , and spreads upon one another over and over and over again! A constant cycle that never ends!Never ceases, never burns, never withers away. A pain , a sword in our side, darted with poison and ignited in the most furious of flames. We've learned it all. But why! Why , why do we choose to do it all again when we know the outcome?

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