Land Before Time

January 27, 2013
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Oh, if only my life was more like the land before time.
I felt exhilarated and overjoyed to be with my friends,
In this land that exists solely in that patch of grass,
Where our favorite movie turned into utmost reality.
I thought about the dinosaurs and how they survived,
I hoped that I would go on as many adventures as Littlefoot and his friends,
I watched my other friends enjoy this alternate reality, too
And my life was bliss.
I listened to the birds chirping in the tree,
Pretending that it was the screeching of a pterodactyl.
I enjoyed everything and everyone,
Life was easy,
Sitting in that patch of grass,
With my best friends and my siblings,
I wanted to become a friend of Littlefoot.
Whatever happened to the simple life,
That land before time?

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