....of everything in between.

January 27, 2013
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Tell-tales, oft, fascinated me,
of princes and chariots,
of white horses and happy endings,
of love and everything in between.
Little did I believe, but, dreamt never less.

Belief came with you.
Belief came when your voice,
conjured my world.
Belief came when those notes on the guitar,
ensorcelled me.
Belief came when you looked at me.

Never did I desperately crave for something,
but for you, I'l trade my soul with the Devil,
Never did my heart miss a beat,
but your one glance, bewitches me nerve to nerve.
Never did my eyes search those streets eagerly,
but for you, it searches every corner, intently.

Love, is it?
I still, am vexed.
My only prayer is your existence in my life,
My only want is your voice in my ears, sweet and serene,
My only desire is your warm arms in those tiring moments.
My only condolement is you, the harmony of my life.
If they say its love,
True I'm in love.

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