Message from the Clouds

January 26, 2013
The chains that held me back
Have disappeared
Strength, I no longer lack
From the lessons I've learned

And God saw the pain
At the time no one knew why it didn't stop
It had all been in vain
And I can dance above the roof tops

The sky has shifted
As I stand, ready to fly
Now that I know I'm not restricted
Meet me in the clouds with the sky

Like any war
Cities have been left in ruins
Lives that faded away as a distant star
And long forgotten are the ones who didn't run

Every memory in a scrapbook
That was thrown away
Never got a second look
There was nothing left to say

But now every scar
Has been covered up
Just to show me how far
I've traveled to get back up

No time to look back now
Can't look ahead
I'm enjoying the present
With no regrets

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