January 26, 2013
I had walked a hundred thousand miles
And all the while I knew you have been around
But it still shocked me to see what I found
When I looked behind me to see you

Over time I still haven't forgotten
That one day burned into my memory
An important day in my short history
That constantly vexes my peace of mind

Violently attacking every thought in my brain
Is the mere thought of you
But my life has changed from everything I know
Considering it had once been what kept me alive

I could simply walk away
And claim that I don't care
Only I wouldn't dare
It's not that easy

As the days drag on
I notice I'm farther and farther away
And in this I've had no say
It's like a wall has been built between us

But this wall has windows
And I can still see you
So there's nothing I can do
You are still there.

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