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January 26, 2013
I am not the kind of lady
Who would hide from you my true intentions
Or betray my lover's duty
Take the black-and-white negatives of my skull
And you will find you've known it all along
I can be your microphone
And amplify your inner workings
It's not such a pain
To struggle with your demons
They won't desire you again.
I could lie in bed with you
And the whisperings in your sweet ear
Would hold you tight in the circle
You're not alone, you're never alone with me
Supply my deepest needs
And hang a rosary
Above our holy place
Our love is a beautiful machine
And I will hang a rosary
Around your loving neck
Of clean sincerity
Or burn it as an offering.
All I've ever wanted are your hands
And here they are, here you are next to me
Ours is a beautiful love
A beautiful machine.

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