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January 25, 2013
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I want to be
Unconventionally beautiful.
I want to sit by the window
And read great books
Just for the simple pleasure of it,
And I want to wear sweaters
And drink green tea
Watching the sun go down.
I want to
Learn to play the ukulele
And write love songs
With beautiful words
That make your heart shiver,
And I want to
Mark all the places I've been
On a map
With thumbtacks.
I want to let my hair
Fall around my shoulders,
And paint all of my fingernails
Different colors.
I want to bake cookies
For my friends on the weekends,
And write poetry by candlelight
In the subtle silence of 2 AM.
I want to sleep in
And wake up to old
Black and white re-runs
On a tiny TV
That's plenty good enough.
I want to write books
For fun,
Not because it's my job to
But because I want to,
And I want to live in
A s***** studio apartment
In a beautiful city that I love.
I want a lover with brown eyes
That plays me songs
On his guitar,
And lets me fall asleep
On his shoulder
Watching old movies
On the couch.
I want to dance
To the classics
Cooking breakfast in the morning.
I want to laugh until it hurts
And count the stars at night.
I want to sing in the shower
And not worry about
Who hears me.
I want to drink coffee
And hot cocoa
And draw designs
In the frost on my windows.
I want to live simply.
Just give me a little money
And a job that I love.

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