Poor Poor Antigone

January 25, 2013
By Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
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Antigone wants to bury her brother,
The one whom married his mother,
The man law’s says no,
But Antigone will do so,
Antigone gets caught by the guard,
Creon puts her behind bars,
Haemon grieves for his future wife,
Antigone waits for the night,
Haemon threatens his father,
His father speaks about her burying her brother,
Father and son are in mad and in pain,
Antigone’s death makes her feel okay,
Antigone accepts her family’s sin,
For she will see them again,
Antigone says the reason why,
But Creon still wants her to die,
Tiresias tells Creon of his death,
Creon is over his head,
Creon thinks Tiresias is filled with lies,
Thus, Creon must die,
Creon decides to right his wrongs,
But it’s too late after all,
Creon burns Antigone brother’s body,
Creon hears his son scream,
Creon moves the stone instantly,
Antigone hung herself and Haemon curses name,
Creon is to be blamed,
Haemon lifts his sword,
Haemon tries to hit his father,
But he misses and doesn’t bother,
He takes the sword to himself and stabs with all of his might,
Here stands Creon in fright,
For his son is killed,
Antigone and Haemon lifeless bodies will hold forever,
Creon’s wife will never be okay,
For she has died that day,
She takes a knife,
And ends her life,
Sadness fills Creon’s heart,
For he is torn apart,
He wants to die but he cannot,
For he is king and must deal with his fate,
Funny how his life fell apart like an old broken gate.

The author's comments:
This Poem I wrote about the play I read in English class. It was call Antigone.

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