Our Kind

January 25, 2013
Down through the gates of hell
That's where many of our kind stay
We know you think of our world as engulfed in flames
With out a single beam of the sun's ray.
You are mistaken children still premature in your thoughts
For your souls still run astray
You know not of our capability nor do you yours
Trying to ponder as there you lay
Know this, we are all around
In your garden, on the streets, in your room, on the fairway
There we will be, glaring into your precious souls
Hungering to eat it, make you one of us, even through contracts it's okay
We scare you for our enjoyment, yet we are careful to whom we haunt

I implore you young children, explore us
Take care though, one wrong slip from your path
One small slip or a false trust
I promise you, you will die

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