They're So Dreamy

January 25, 2013
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I see you in my dreams, but I've never met you
Never seen you, never heard you, don't even know your name
Maybe an image from a past life, the projection of my soul mate
For that moment when our eyes lock I shall forever wait
My heart will race, my stomach will flutter
My entire mind will start to clutter
Neither of us will be able to speak
In that moment whence we meet
But deep inside we'll know what this means
A magical attraction between you and me
Our hearts, our souls forever locked
Each time it differs upon the clock
The day, the age, the year it happens
It's ever-changing from life to life
But you forever will be my wife
Til death do us part is so cliche
A soul is forever and that's what it means
To meet your soulmate is worth the wait
Don't tie yourself down or it may be too late
Search for them, and soon after you'll know
If it is the person forever matched with your soul
The angels will sing, the horns will blaze
Your head will sudennly be a maze
The thoughts will race, your blood will be boiling
Its true love, nothing in the world could ever spoil it
True love is forever as is the soul
Dreams come and go but this one recurs
Guiding you to the one that is forever yours

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