Just down the road

January 24, 2013
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When my headlights go over a road
And im hours from home
All that’s there
Is the music
And the traffic cones
And the slow rolling of thoughts
And none
So simple a thing
As driving
Especially in the rain
The road
And the rain
And the music
And I want that feeling forever
I don’t have to go anywhere
Just down the road
Just down the road
Past the cones
Out of the terror that has become my world
The world is terrible
It sucks us under
Like a road
But not to a home
Or under a cone
Into our own thoughts
We become a simple action
A function
And others coast as if they’re nothing
I want the spark
The hunger
The obsession
The need
The thirst
That happy anger
Ive got it, right here in my pocket
And it ticks away and beats a slow rhythm
A hum
Huuum hummmm hum
As the road rolls by and under
And that feeling is content
The hum
The drums
The rhythm of my thumbs on the steering
Wheel as I don’t have to go home
Anytime soon
Just down the road
So the cones and my thoughts
Just drive by
As the music goes deep under my skin
And it gets to a place near my ear
where is makes a tick
a tickking tick tik
I prop up a knee
Ever so slightly
And see
Just how far I can drive into the night
With everything in the world
Running under the headlights

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