For Emily

January 24, 2013
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so lost inside
feels like hope
is maybe all but lost

You hear the things
they say about you
you hide your face
you show few your true self

your words are broken
like fractions of your heart
pieces that have been strewn about
by people undeserving

voices haunt you
looks of disapproval follow you
and you try your hardest to keep it together
but sometimes you cant

sometimes you fall apart
sometimes you crumble,
into a million tiny shards
that you think no one can fix

well guess what girl?
you don't have to worry anymore
you don't have to waste
you pretty little tears

if you fall,
i'll catch you
if you break,
i'll fix you again

and no matter what
i'll be right by your side
through every up
through every down.

this is for you, Emily.

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Dallask7 said...
today at 1:45 pm
This is such a great piece! Im gonna check out your other work!
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