I Never Thought

January 24, 2013
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I never thought!
Standing in the rain, watching all these little rain drops fall on me would ever happen to me.
Trying to figure out how i let you go
I never thought that you'd cheat!
I never thought you'd leave!
Now just sitting here in the car listening to songs that only remind me of you!
I never thought i'd cry over you!
i never thought the songs that made me laugh could make me cry!
I never thought i'd be hitting the steering wheel over you.
Many days go on, the feelings start to fade!
Nothing could give me the feelings and safe potential that i felt once before.
I never thought i'd let you walk out with my heart and soul in your hand and me be crushed!
I never thought i'd say no to you!
I never thought i'd say bye but all in the end, at this point I'm hurt and this is what it's going to take for the pain to quit.
It may take time but it can happen.
With time and tears as my witness i shall be healed!
I never thought this could ever happen to a girl like me.

Left heart broken&ruined!

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