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January 24, 2013
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Don't lie to me, because there are anglers among angels
Personal standards are exactly where I want them
This right is hard to pull in, & even harder to wrangle
I always go back to the same places again
I'll ride off the grand canyon into a glacier
I'll jump off my tower because I know I can't land
I have to stay up there, "I guess they misplaced her"
Maybe this is is the good kind of bad, not many can stand
Next to a hurricane and hope to be safe
So scared, confused by wandering eyes side to side
Soon you too will be swallowed by my wave
I'll let you see the twisted creatures inside
My dark angel protects the heart with good intent
I wouldn't have it any other way
I can buy my own gas and pay my own rent
I am the only one who gets to have a say
So why don't you just cry about it?
I won't make the first move
If you think you want it, if you think we'll fit
Then go on already, I'm tired of waiting on you

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