January 24, 2013
“How will I make it?”
Stop living in the moment for a second and think about the future.
“Why did I go there last night?”
You wanted to live for awhile.
“Where can I go?”
Where you need to be, home.
“What will I do?”
Whatever you think is right.
“When will I be able to go home?”
Anytime you want. Home is a place where you feel most loved.

“How did I get so lost?”

You stopped believing in yourself.
“Why do I exist?”
Because you have a purpose in life. Find it.
“Where can I find myself?”
Inside yourself. Just look deep.
“What will I accomplish?”
Anything you want. Just find your destiny.
“When will I be the person I want to be?”
After you answer all these questions yourself.

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