The Bullied

January 22, 2013
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If I was taller would you call me a giraffe, if I was fat,
Would you call me that? If I was slim would you call me friend? Or would you spew your hateful words behind my back? Your never happy until you make fun of me. Those hurtful words crush and kill me, but all I can say at the end of the day is 'how is it you can hate me when all I have ever done to you is nothing' I sit in the back of the room, waiting for you to come and waiting for the bullying too, but you just smile at me, I am to confused until the bell rang and your gang jumped me in the halls, hushing my screams and I waited for you to abuse me, it hurt but not as bad as hearing those words, I knew you had no soul, no heart at all, as I looked into your cold heartless eyes, no emotions at all, I cried in my bed, nursing my bruised body and head, and finally I said I am done, no more hurt will come, because I am free, free to be me in the clouds of heaven.

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