Flowers of Reality

January 21, 2013
By Theviolinthepoet BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Theviolinthepoet BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Her heartbeat quickens
As thunderclouds strike overhead
Rain tonight, in Utopia's gardens
Never ending thoughts
Race through her always creating mind
Rain tonight, in Realities' fields

She's too smart for her own good
And she doesn't know how to stop the rain
How to stop the rain, watering her thoughts
That branch out like weeds
Always into dark shadows
Falling away from the sun
How she wishes to prune the weeds
Destroy the seeds bursting out of her mind
How she wishes for the sun to come out
When the nighttime darkness hides from the light

Bliss can be found in ignorance
Ignorance she yearns to obtain
The beautiful flower of ignorance she wants to wear, loosely in her hair
Without sharp thorns of reality though, truth is lost, petals fall

The flowers grow bright in Utopia
But the weeds strong in Reality
Her mind clings onto both
Branching out like ivy
Her thoughts wrap around her
Some bloom, others wither
Caught in the dirt between
Utopia and Reality
Too smart for her own good
Too careful when planting the seeds
But oh how good it finally feels
When the sun shines down upon her
And a flower of understanding bursts through the ongoing weeds of doubt.

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