Who We Are

January 21, 2013
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We are all born individuals
But we do not just have
Ideas that only we can describe.
We have emotions
Sculpted from blocks of
Experiences and Background.

We are all born dreamers,
But we do not just have a vision
Floating in clouds above us.
We have a mindset running freely
Through fields growing
Possibilities and Opportunities.

We are all born thinkers
But we do not just have
The ability to remember the facts.
We have a brain that
Outlines plans of success made from
The past and the future.

We are all born inventors
But we do not just have
Visions crafted from
Technical details.
We have ingenuity that
Creates our universe’s best
Prosperity and Triumph.

We are all born adventurers,
But we do not just have a
Never-ending map in our hands.
We have the stamina to march up
To the tip of mountains made of
Mistakes and Knowledge.

We are all born motivators
But we do not just have
Words of inspiration
Woven through our spoken stories.
We have hearts that silently
Communicate thoughts of
Confidence and Trust.

We are all born artists
But we do not just have an
Elegant touch to all we do.
We have exquisite brushstrokes
Painting our life’s canvas with
Memories and Hopes.

We are all born musicians
But we do not just have the
Talent to create harmonies.
We have a heart that
Beats energy into our
Excellence and Determination.

We are all born sculptors
But we do not just have the
Inspiration to create perfection.
We have a scalpel that will
Carve away every
Flaw and Misconception.

We are all born warriors
But we do not just have
The courageous deeds of a hero.
We have endurance running
Through each vein, supplying us
Spirit and Persistence.

We are all born unique
But we do just have the
Self-esteem to see our own strengths.
We all know the location of the
Treasure that wishes to reveal
Our Potential and Capability.

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