Let's forget ourselves and everyone

January 21, 2013
Let's forget our future and live in the past.
Now a days things are moving way to fast
Let's slip away on a slide of pipe dreams
Forgetting everyone who's helped us, made us shine brighter, and gleam
When they ask what we want to be when we are older, let's say free
They'll give us a scolding and tell us to get a grip on reality
We'll tell them free is the only thing for me
After all is said and done we will settle down on the sun
watching all the hot embers run
the purest light will bathe us in a whole new realm of mental health
I'm sure we'll learn more about ourselves
We can then start over, write a new book to put on the shelf
We can surround ourselves with brand new friends, so we will no longer be hunted
Maybe then we will no longer be wanted.

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