School Hallways

January 21, 2013
By CatrionaCarson GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
CatrionaCarson GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world."

Joanne Harris

As I walk through the hallways
I stand in the wind that holds the words and equations
The bits of glass on the wall, sparkling all over
The air on the roof with its bitter bite
Lockers swishing to and fro as people walk past
The fresh pizza smells exquisite
I just want a bite! And then the bell rings
Through the school hallways I dash
And off to class I go with books in hand

The author's comments:
I've always loved school and I just love what it embodies: knowledge, learning, history, literature, etc.
Most students just do the work to get it over with, but I was different. I loved learning, but hated doing the work. But even if I don't do that good in school, at least I can leave with the knowledge that I gained and didn't memorize.

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