The Seceret World

January 20, 2013
A secret world, a hidden place.
No one knows even though it's written across your face.
It's where we go to have no cares. Where we hide when we are scared.
A place where there is no confusion, and no haunting illusions.
Where the trees touch the clouds, and the birds always sing their songs loud.
They no have fear of making a sound.
Here there are no puzzles, no lies, no tricks.
Here the clock never ticks.
Love is always at its truest state, and you never have the constant fear of being late.
So travel here when your worried, confused, or just cant stand.
Lay here in the sand.
Look to the blue skies, and hear your heart beat.
Your going for a ride, all you have to do is take your long awaited seat.

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