Separate Yourself from the Status-Quo

January 20, 2013
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People, they group to make it easier on their part
Latinos are illegal
Blacks are trouble makers
Asians are nerds
Arabs and Muslims are terrorists
and Whites are oblivious and stupid
It's bad enough when other people label us
It's even worse when we label ourselves
We follow the stereotypes
Now it's cool to be rude and sag your pants
Now it's cool to act hard and tough and be in a gang
Now drugs are cool along with alcohol and sex
Why is it cool?
Why is it cool to mess up our lives and have babies at 14 years old
Why is it cool to become a addict and die from your addiction
Why is it cool to die from gang violence and being dead at 17 years old
Why is it cool to be dumb or not even try
When did it become cool.
I have a question
Why do we fall into the same holes we have seen others fall in to
I don't know the answer to that
Here's an idea
Lets be smart again and leave drugs,alcohol and sex behind
Lets step out and have manners
Lets be proud of who we are and not fit the mold of what they show us
They want us to fail
They plan it
Lets foil their plans
They are scared that we are going to see our true potential
Because we then become a obstacle
Let's make it hard for them
Lets separate ourselves from the STAUS-QUO

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