Music of Silence

January 20, 2013
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I just want to absorb the music of silence,
Put my emotions through ink onto page.
Express everything I have ever dreamed about,
Express everything I wish to dream.
Take my thoughts from inside my head,
Twist them around, add a touch of creativity
And create something beautiful.

Write about my inspirations, my fears,
My fantasies, my past, my ups, my downs,
And anything that makes an imprint on my mind.
As if it's clay, I'll take it and mould it into
Something you've never seen before, because
It's unique
And it's mine.

I like painting pictures on canvases of imagination,
Using paint from the inspirations that have affected me,
In a way you may never know.
I'm not trying to be the new Van Goa,
Just a new me,
New to the world.

That's what you'll read, through these pages,
My emotions through ink onto page,
Absorbing the music of silence, I sit here
And write.
I write because I dream,
And dreaming seems better than reality.

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