Amen, Love

January 20, 2013
I may break
I may cry
I get stuck in anger
It feels like a pool of hate
Nothing helps or makes me stronger
All I can do is love
I can’t stop the love
My heart may break
This breaking can’t make me stronger
I’m scared, so I cry
I refuse to hate
Inside me there is an overwhelming feeling of anger
This overwhelming anger
Can’t be part of love
It can only be part of hate
This anger might just make me break
I cry, cry, and cry
Is this supposed to make me stronger
This isn’t making me any stronger
I have more anger
I can’t stop my cry
All I need is love
Love is the only thing that can keep me from the break
All I feel is hate

What did I do to deserve the feeling of hate
Hate makes me weaker not stronger
I can’t keep from the break
I have the anger
I don’t feel the love
I can’t stop the cry
Where are You, God, while I cry
I can’t handle the hate
I need the love
God, please make me stronger
And get rid of the anger
Lord, give me the strength not to break
I shouldn’t break or cry.
The anger is killing me, so is the hate.
I know You will make me stronger, Lord. Amen, Love

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