Growing up

January 20, 2013
By Gabbers GOLD, Howard Beach, New York
Gabbers GOLD, Howard Beach, New York
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It happens so quickly
You don't even notice it
Like ripping off the band aid
Pain later not now

Growing up is a part of life
And I think I've reached it

I'm a big kid now,
I go out alone
I wear watches
And click my heels
I joke with my mom
And I say bad words

My clothes say
Look at me
Come play

I like to think I'm growing up and
I'm doing it right
But how can I say I've grown up
When I still have
My soft juvenile

I really do hope I'm going about
This in the right way
I'd hate to wake up
And notice its all been wrong

But, I guess its part of
Growing up
But can I say I'm growing up
When I still lie to my
Mother about cleaning my room?

I have a long way to go
But I've started out strong
I lost some people along the way
But I now I realize that
That's okay

Its all part
Of growing up.

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