January 16, 2013
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Hand in hand,
Side by side,
We can save this land.

If you want to see
A newer brighter world,
It is not that far away.
It starts with you,
It starts today.

If you want to make things true,
If you want to make things right,
It starts with one person,
That person is you, and it starts tonight.

Be the change in the world
That you wish to see.
Be all you can be.
Even if you’re the smallest,
The small can help me.
I want a change in the world,
I want us to be free.

If you want a peaceful world
Or a nice place to live,
Just be you and I will be me,
And give all you can give.

We are the difference,
We are the change,
We are the future.
We are what we choose to be.
It starts today with you and me.
This is my one and only plea.

Be nice and say hello
To any passerby
If we happen to meet one day,
Please, just say hi.

If you take the time, wait and see
To see the sheer possibility,
The change in the world
Starts with you and me.
Just close your eyes and see what it could be.

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