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January 14, 2013
With the joy of no longer being a shriveled, squashed-upon caterpillar
My Ink-washed lashes, smothered by a mascara brush, flutter as butterfly wings
Joyful at the transformation
They unravel with streaks of silver and gold that glow
Fueled by my own dreams and desires and the goals
Flap flap flap The wings express the ecstasy to fly and soar in the cool breeze
My eyeliner twirls, black streaks, like curving vines that envelope around an antique iron gate
The flowers being my radiating emerald eyes blooming while basking in the suns rays
As I look on to hope-glowing and shinier than stars in the Milky Way
My dress flaps in the breeze like thin dragonfly wings which are
Made of natures delicate glass
Carried and shielded tenderly by the hands of wind to avoid shattering
I've learned that scars are just different forms of tiger stripes
To display their strength and courageousness
The ability to face fear
Survivors of the concrete jungle
Sequins on clothes act as water drops
Building up lakes, rivers, oceans
Reflecting the rainbow spectrum tides of people
A stampede of gorillas and elephants
Monkeys and frogs
Tigers and pandas
Crocodiles and alligators
Some predator, some prey
Unaware of the specter of danger lurking in the air
Unaware that concrete jungles of dreams are wild
Some dragonflies and butterflies like me
Some batting their ink-washed wings and flying
In the breeze that leads onwards to their dreams
Some repairing their wings of shattered glass
Broken by their predator: failure
Others abandoning them
Streets transform into burning coal
Lava flows in-between the cracks
Leaving blisters and bruises
These are trails on the fiery volcano of success
That some climb to be welcomed by the suns shimmering gates of gold
Achievements Entryway
When not hardened, the concrete paths sink you in their traps of quicksand
I will escape the stampede
I will not join blend into the rainbow waves
Instead, I'll heal my tiger-striped scars
I'll flutter my ink-washed wings to fly away
And fly and fly
Carried by the tender hands of the breeze that will guide me towards
My own gateway of shimmering gold
My own entryway to my tropical island of dreams and achievements
My treasure is waiting to be unlocked
I'll fly and fly and fly until
My emerald eyes shielded by my flapping wings
Reflect the golden gates
A sanctuary hidden
From the perilous
Concrete jungle

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Eliza_VRules said...
Aug. 19, 2013 at 9:54 pm
I just wanna thank everyone who's reading this for taking their time to see my work, even if you accidently clicked on it. Thank Everyone
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