Black and White

January 14, 2013
Black and White
The words on a page are nothing to you,
They are only things you learned around the age of two.
Take some time, read a book.
Grab a blanket and a comfy chair, create a nook.
Images and visions fly behind open eyes,
Living in a world created by your own unique demise.
The possibilities are endless, just wait and you’ll see,
Just how important these words can be.
Magic and hope, to purity and beyond,
The words in a book, can never make me yawn.
I soak up every word, make images in my mind,
They constantly change, between every line.
Words are a miracle, we use them every day,
They can make us cry, with happiness or dismay.
My life in words, can be put simply as this…
It’s none of your business, after all; ignorance is bliss.

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