The Girl at the Lecturn

January 14, 2013
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A young girl reads at the lectern.
She speaks of finding yourself again
and sinking into a quagmire of
difficulty and social views.

This girl is young, skinny,
brown curly hair, and a husky voice
for a female. But who is
this girl at the lectern?

She speaks of finding yourself.
She knows well enough
who she is, what she

She is vindictive,
not just of the world
but of herself. She hates.
She lets the world know that.

She is sensual.
Physical pleasure is
her drug. Those who won’t
give it, do anyways

She is hungry.
She needs people to cheer,
to shout her name
in adulation of her words.

She is a writer,
prose and poetry flow
like water from a mountain
through her mind and onto paper.

She stands and reads
about us finding ourselves
and dying in the attempt,
this girl at the lectern

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