As Memory recalls

January 14, 2013
I recall us that is right us
Together in class
Smiling at the day
And what
May come our way
As we laughed at life
Just thinking about our day
But times
Have a tendency to change

We did drift
Oh so suddenly
Quiet far away
But I always remembered
Those days

But those days
Did fade away for you
No not quiet suddenly at all
But in just a day

When did you
Become so harsh
As can be
To where you would hurt me

As memory recalls
I saw you
Look at me
Quiet suddenly
And thy saw
The days
Of us laughing
And playing
And smiling
All throughout the days
Like a flash
That was quiet to fast

But I could not stand
To relieve
Each day
We had
Or even might have had
Because thy choose
To hurt me

But as memory recalls
You were the first
To truly call me names
To truly make me feel
Oh so small
But what hurts most of all
You’re the first to truly let me down
As memory recalls
I watched you become
Our worst nightmare
A bully

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