You are my dream come true

January 19, 2013
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The day you gave me a ride
I sat behind,
Holding on to you tight,
I was breathless
As I sat watching the world passes me by.
I never want this journey to end
But to go on as it is forever.
It’s still fresh in my mind,
The morning mist we met,
At the crossroads for the first time,
From where we began our sonnet together,
You took me to places I’ve never been before.
You gave me the freedom I always yearned for.
You came to my life like a dream come true.
I still remember the night,
I saw your face by the candle light,
And you tied those holy beads round my neck.
It woke me up from my dreams.
And that rainy day,
When you pulled me closer,
You wrapped me with your warmth.
You walked me home.
I never wanted to leave you.
But always want you by my side.
The day you gave me a ride
I sat behind,
Hugging you tight,
I was breathless,
As I felt your fingers
Stroking mine
Your feather-like touch, I always cherish.
I still recall the day
I woke up from a dream
A soft pink lip caressing mine
I never knew it would be you
My lover, you are my dream come true.

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