Go Away

January 18, 2013
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i stare blankly at the board.
what class is this?
English, Math?
History, Spanish?
the teachers look the same.
their words string together,
creating a much that fills
my ears.
people talk to me
but i can't hear them.
now i can't see them.
everything is red.
i'm so consumed with sadness
that i go through the
nodding here,
laughing there.
bits and pieces so i know
that i am alive.
i hug myself
to make sure that i don't
fall apart.
so i don't shatter
into a million pieces
left to be swept away by
someone who doesn't know.
who doesn't care.
the only one who can fix me,
is the one who broke my heart.
he doesn't talk to me.
we don't see each other.
but it hurts anyway.
why is it so hard?
why does it hurt?
why can't it all

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